Outlook not properly installed

Windows XP - "Outlook Not Properly Installed Error" Message

Windows XP / Outlook 2003: I get an error "Outlook is not properly installed" when clicking on a mailto: link in an email or on a web page.

Also, a (possibly large) number of Internet Explorer windows may open after clicking on the link.

This error can occur after installing or removing later versions of Outlook (Outlook 2007) - or when setting up Outlook 2003 for the first time.

The problem relates to the action for mailto: links being corrupted or missing from the registry and can be tested as follows:

Click Start -> Run and type "mailto:test@test.com" (without the quotation marks) in the "Open" box

This should replicate the same symptoms as clicking on a email link on a web page or in an email.

To resolve, download mailto.zip and examine the included registry file.  If you have Outlook 2003, it can be saved and run (double-clicked) to re-set the default Outlook email link behaviour.  Make a backup or your system / registry before trying this! - We cannot be responsible for problems caused by editing the registry on YOUR PC - ALWAYS Ask the advice of an IT Professional if unsure.

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