OutlookSyncClient - Windows XP - "Outlook Starts with Error Message

Windows XP / Outlook 2000: After applying the recent (July 2007) iTunes update to support the iPhone, Outlook 2000 fails to start correctly.

In the Microsoft Send Error Report window, if the more information link is selected, the reported module is:


This DLL is located in the folder:

c:\program files\common files\apple\mobile device support\bin

This is apparently part of the latest iTunes update to support synchronisation with the iPhone.

To resolve the error, simple rename the file: OutlookSyncClient.dll to OutlookSyncClient.bad or similar by navigating to the folder and pressing F2 (Rename) or Right-Clicking on the file and selecting rename.

Outlook should now operate correctly - however the iPhone add-in is not expected to function, as it has been renamed. (The client with the problem did not have an iPhone, so further testing was not possible.

It is expected that an update for the iTunes application will be made available in due course.