Free Voicemail to Email

Free Voicemail to Email and why you should use it.


Voicemail to Email services have been around for some time now, but many have restrictions or catches associated with them, for example the cost of receiving messages.

However, users have been happy to put up with the associated costs because of the advantages of the services offered:

  • A safe and private way to receive messages from strangers - you don't have to give out your private telephone number or email address
  • Messages are received by email - so there is no distraction when in an office or meeting, no personal mobile phone ringing, etc.
  • Messages can be left by anyone with access to a normal telephone.  Less-able and elderly people can easily leave messages that are sent by email, anywhere in the world.
  • It is possible to save message to be replayed later, the voice of a loved one, elderly or distant relative can be saved on disk and kept for years to come.
  • Useful for social networking site and chat users.  The mailbox number can be put in on-line profiles without revealing personal telephone numbers or your own email address
  • Other uses include (internet) radio request lines - messages are received 24 hours a day and ready to play directly from a PC - and can easily be edited if required.
Using Voicemail to Email services:

Most services work in a similar manner.  Once registered, messages are received by email.  The callers recorded message is sent as an attachment, typically either a wav or mp3 file.

The attachments are usually only about 1MB (one megabyte) per minute of recording and easily handled by standard email and web-mail based systems, allowing messages to be received easily, at home - or when in an Internet Cafe or Hotel.

In the UK, where we are based, we have a particularly good service available to use, called callinbox (website: )  It has a very simple and fast signup, local rate calls and messages are delivered promptly by email.

We recommend this service as it has local rate calls (0844) and a simple and fast signup process.  Some providers use more expensive, national rate numbers (0870 or 0871) which are much more expensive for callers.

If you use chat or social networking sites, we recommend looking at this type of service to protect your personal telephone numbers and email until you are sure you know who you are dealing with.