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Broadband ISP Information and Comparisons.

Choosing a Broadband ISP for Home Broadband or Business Broadband

When starting to look for a broadband supplier it is important to consider what you need from the service - i.e. What level of service do you need:

Level 1: Basic Broadband User: You check email most days and occasionally look up web sites you see advertised on TV o in the printed press

Level 2: Home user: You check email every day and search for information using the Internet.  You use an IM (Instant messaging) service and feel at ease sending emails as a quick and easy form of communication, you search for and download files you need for your own interests or work.

Level 3: Home Worker: The Internet and Email are an essential part of your day-to-day working routine and you may required access to a remote network or company mail server as part of your job.

Level 4: Home Office / Small Office: You run a business from home or have a small office.  You have at least one company domain name and probably a web site as well (or anticipate having one soon)

Level 5: Small Business: You have up to 5 PCs connected to the internet and your Internet and email is an essential part of your business operation

Level 6: Small / Medium Business: You have 5 - 15 PCs with one or more office locations sharing data and possibly home workers remotely connecting to your office network

Level 7: Medium / Large Business: 10 or more PCs, multiple locations and home workers connecting to your office network

From looking at the above, you will have an idea as to where you 'fit' into the scale of Internet users.  Levels 1 to 3 would typically use a basic home broadband connection, while levels 4 and 5 would warrant a business broadband package that includes web space and better performance than a home user would require.  Levels 6 and 7 would benefit from a high-end Business broadband service with low contention and enhanced support.

By using an appropriate broadband package with large enough data transfer allowance and included web hosting and domain registration it is possible to have a single supplier where you might otherwise be dealing with three suppliers for domain name registration, web hosting and email as well as another as your broadband ISP.

This can be a serious problem when a problem with email occurs, for example and it is unclear which supplier should be addressing the problem.  By using a single reputable supplier for all the services it is quicker and easier to diagnose where the problem is, contact the right supplier and get a prompt resolution to the problem.

We strongly recommend looking at our preferred ISPs Business and Home product offerings before signing up with one of the 'Big Three' providers.  You will be surprised how much money you can save - and the extra facilities you can gain...

...for example, as standard, Plusnet include a Fax to email facility with their accounts, giving you a completely free fax number you can use to receive faxes, which are sent to you by email.  This can often save the cost of an extra telephone line for small businesses and home workers.  Even if you need a fax to send paper faxes (rather than from your PC) - most people can use their main telephone line to send an occasional fax.  This alone could save £120 - £200 per year in line rental...